Independent Project Management Learning

Project management training is a subscription resource center for people who want to independently add to their project management skills. What we offer is world-class project management training materials on a subscription basis. for one monthly fee you get access to:

  • Hundreds of project management “How To” articlesproject management training
    • Project planning
    • Work breakdown structure
    • Microsoft Project software
    • Requirements gathering
    • Writing a project plan
    • Estimating time and cost
    • Negotiating with subcontractors
  • Textbook Chapters
    • Beginner textbooks that teach you the fundamentals of Project management
    • Advanced textbooks that teach you skills and risk management, estimating, tracking and status reporting and managing stakeholder expectations
    • Books on Project management specialties including information systems, construction, business, health care and general texts
  • Lecture videos at both the beginner, advanced and PMI exam level.   Dick Billows, PMP, GCA  delivers lectures from  exciting outdoor locations. project manager training lecturesThe lectures are interesting, fun and cover the practical skills project managers need.
  • Project Manager in Action Videos – Show you how to do project management the right way.   Watch our cast of 17 actors as they actually perform each of the processes in project management. You see how project managers deal with project sponsors and how the manage the team to achieve the best result.
  •  Self-assessment tests –  that you can take privately to measure the level of your skill in all of the project management techniques.   the  tests are confidential and you get the results immediately
  • As part of each subscription you get a private video conferences with one of our instructors where you can get help on your real-world projects and also discuss issues that are of interest to you in your independent learning.

 Project management training: Design your own learning program

At project management training, you can design your own learning program and decide what books, what videos and what self test examinations you want to take. Or you can discuss your goals with one of our counselors will help you design your independent learning program. Whichever way you choose you can have a learning path that leads you through reading assignments lectures then tests of your competence. It’s an effective and independent way to learn and at much lower cost than instructor led courses.

  Project management training: Reference site for your projects

Use the project management training reference materials to help guide you through successful management of your own projects.   Use our  project management database and sophisticated search engine to find help on exactly the issue you need. You can also purchase consulting help from one of our expert project managers which we deliver via  private videoconference call.  Call 800-942-4323  for more information.

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